Exploration operations in the exploration sector of Sarmak Mines Company is performed on mineralization zone at the scales of 500:1 or 1000:1 or 2000:1 in terms of mineral type and extension of mineralization zone, and it includes the following cases:

- Preparation of geological map of the area of ore deposits 500:1, 1000:1, 2000:1 according to the creation and type of mineral and its geological-mineral properties.

- Sampling for f petrography studies, polished section, XRF and chemical decomposition to the required number according to mineral and its extension

- Digging trenches and wells and geological surveys and sampling them

-Geophysical operations along profiles perpendicular to longitudinal extension of the mineralization zone at required intervals

-Determining the drilling network and drilling the exploratory boreholes on the geophysical anomaly areas along with taking the cores and sampling them.

-Geochemical evaluation based on samples taken from trenches and exploratory boreholes in order to determine the process of mineralization zone and to discover hidden reserves

-Determining the shape of the ore deposit and the mean grade and final reserve of the ore

-Carrying out technical-economic studies on the ore deposit

-  Integrating all data, interpreting the results, and presenting the final report