Lead and zinc and copper flotation plant:

The plant was constructed in 1973 by a French country with a capacity of 150 tons per day. Later, due to the discovery of more reserves in the mine and the change in world economic conditions as well as rising prices of mineral concentrates, Sarmak Mine Company decided to increase its capacity, relying on its skilled and specialist forces.  This plant is currently capable of condensing more than 1,000 tons of feed per day. It is also the first importer of column flotation technology with external aeration and creation of centrifuge.

Natural bitumen Mechanized Powder Producing Plant and its Processing Activities:

Sarmak Mine Company is one of the largest natural bitumen producers in Iran. In this regard, this company performs various activities including construction of 3 production lines of mechanized powder and processes for reducing its ash and enhancing the purity of this valuable mineral and performing flotation for the first time in Iran. The mineral processing plant in the Bistoon of Kermanshah province is located along the main road and has appropriate facilities for mineral processing. At present, this company has 3 active production lines, natural bitumen powders, barite, bentonite, calcium carbonate, hydrated lime, micronized hematite, based on the needs and specifications of the customers. Sarmak Mine Company has a history of 46 years continuous activity in the production of industrial and mineral powders used in various industries with the most equipped and fully automated and modern machines. It has also laboratory under international standards for the extraction and processing of minerals and the production of various types of powder with qualitative characteristics in accordance with world standards. Our efforts to improve the quality of our products made this company receive the ISO certification in quality management from the most reputable companies. Please contact us to purchase the highest quality and most pure minerals and minerals powder, either in packaged or bulk form. We are ready to supply this product to the factories and consumers. We also are ready to cooperate with honourable traders and exporters to export to target countries.

Heavy medium system:

Sarmak Mine Company is one of the first users of this system in Iran. The gravity heavy medium system is a centrifuge, and its advantages include relatively high capacity, low operating cost, high efficiency, lack of using chemicals and being friendly environment.