The Ahangaran Mine

Garaveh Natural Bitumen Mine

Takiyeh mine

Gomish tapeh Lead & Zinc Mine


The Ahangaran Mine:

Geographic location of Ahangaran Mine:

Ahangaran mine is located in the western part of Iran and southeast of Hamedan province, and 23 km distant from east of Malayer. It has an approximate mine area of 25.29 km2.

Extraction in iron and lead Ahangaran Mine:

Lead has been extracted from Ahangaran mine since 1335. The extraction in this mine is currently performed using Underground method, and the mean extraction grade is 10% precent lead and 200 grams per tonne of silver.

Extraction of iron in the mine is performed using open-pit and stair methods. The height of the stairs is about 15 meters. Iron Ore grade is about 40% of pure iron. Ironstone is extracted using classic method, including drilling and firing.


This company owns three Gilsonite mines in Kermanshah province.

Garaveh Natural Bitumen Mine:

 This mine is located in 20 km east of Qasr Shirin city, and its reserve is about 170 thousand tons. The reserve is located at a depth of 10 to 30 meters from the surface, with a slope facing south and a thickness of 3 to 7 meters. The mine is currently extracted using open-pit method. Over the past 8 years, it has been selected as the best bitumen mine of Iran in terms of technical engineering and mining quality.

Takiyeh mine:

 is located in the town of Shazand in Central province, on the eastern wing of Takiyeh village, 2 kilometers from Haft Emarat mine. The distance between Takiyeh village and Arak is about 50 kilometers. By using the high assay, extraction is carried out in the form of following the stratum. The zinc assay in the small strata with a length of 1 to 8 meters and thickness of 20 to 80 centimeters reaches about 35 percent. Furthermore, in the more depth of the surface it is likely to be the zinc deposits in the form of sulfide. The exploration activities are operating in this mine.

Gomish tapeh Lead & Zinc Mine:

This mine is located at 117 kilometers southest of the city of Zanjan, and its access is through the route of Zanjan, Soltaniyeh, Ghaydar and Gomish Tappeh village.
From Zanjan to Khodabandeh (Ghaydar) is 90 kilometers and from Khodabandeh to Gomish tappeh village is 25 kilometers. The distance from hese to the exploration site is 2 kilometers. The deposit of this mine is about 500, 000 MT. This mine is under exploration operation at the moment.