Our Customers

Due to the variable cargo and considering the costumers need in producing and also having an appropriate service, Sormak Mining Co. could make a stable connection with its partners and also buyers, the companies such as:

Foreign Customers
• Trafigura
• Behear Bv Co.
• Glencore
• Marc Rich

Local Customers

National Iranian Lead and Zinc Co (NILZ)
• Sepahan Cement
• Esfahan Cement
• Behbahan Cement
• khouzestan Cement
• Karoun Cement
• Fars Cement
• Boushehr Cement
• Ilam Cement
• Ardabil Cement
• Tabriz Cement
• Ekbatan Cement
• Hegmatan Cement
• Gharb Cement
• Khazar Cement
• Abyek Cement
• Doroud Cement
• Kavoshkar Mining Co
• Negin Rouy